Lido's =LOCALIZENUMBER formula lets you convert a number from one locale format to another

=LOCALIZENUMBER(input, from_locale, to_locale)


  • input: A string representing a number in the format of locale "from_locale" or a number.
  • from_locale: The locale format of the input
  • to_locale: The locale number format to convert to


  • If the input string cannot be interpreted as a number in "from_locale" format, the same string is returned.
  • The input argument can be a range, in which case the response of the formula is the result of applying LOCALIZENUMBER to each value in the range
  • Applying LOCALIZENUMBER to a range will convert numbers in "from_locale" to "to_locale" format while keeping the rest of values unchanged.


=LOCALIZENUMBER("1.100,15", "ds-DE", "en-US")=> "1,100.15"