Computed columns

Learn how to use computed columns in Lido

A computed column is type of column that can be added to a spreadsheet table. The values in the computed column are determined by a formula that is applied to every row in the table. If the length of the table changes (e.g. if more rows get added to a datasource) then the computed column will update automatically to reflect those changes.

Computed columns are incredibly useful for tasks such as data normalization, complex calculations, transformations, or data manipulation.

How to add a computed column

There are two ways to create computed columns in Lido.

Directly in the spreadsheet

Add the formula for your computed column in a cell directly next to the table where you want the column to be added

From the toolbar

When your cursor is inside of the table, click on the computed column icon in the toolbar to open the computed column modal.

Editing computed columns

The easiest way to edit or rename a computed column is through the toolbar.