Computed columns

Learn how to use computed columns in Lido.

Computed columns let you write a formula once and apply it to every row in a table.

If more rows are added to a table (like with a connected datasource), then the computed column will automatically expand to account for the new rows.

How to add a computed column

Computed columns must be attached to a Table.

A computed column must be created directly next to a table. If you enter a formula in a cell that is not directly next to your table, then the column will be created automatically.

Method 1. Use the floating in-spreadsheet table menu

Method 2. Enter a formula in a non-header row directly next to an existing table


The in-spreadsheet method only works if the formula is entered in a non-header row.

How to edit a computed column

You can make changes to the formula directly in the spreadsheet cell. Any changes to the formula in one row of a computed column will automatically be applied to all other rows in the table.