Common issues you may run into while using Lido

Sending emails

When you run the SENDGMAIL action nothing appears to happen

The first time you run the SENDGMAIL() action formula, Lido will open a Google authentication flow to give permission to Lido to send an email on your behalf.

If you have a pop-up blocker (such as the one built into Firefox, or Chrome) it may block the pop-up that is opened by "". It will appear that nothing has happened.

To fix:

Configure your pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from "".

Automated emails are sending more than once

You've configured your send gmail formula and, when your condition is met, your automation works and sends an email! Great — but then it keeps sending emails on every automated interval, when you only wanted it to send once.

What's likely happening is that your condition trigger for running the action is True, and stays True each time your automation runs. If you only want emails to go out once, as soon as your condition is met, you need to keep track of whether an email has already been sent in your spreadsheet.

To fix:

Add a status column to your spreadsheet table to keep track of whether emails have already been sent.


Double check your spelling!

If your statuses don't seem to be updating properly, double check your spelling to make sure your conditions all match

Data source errors

Some or all Google Sheets data isn't showing up

If you're missing data that was previously connected to Lido, the most likely reason is the sheet or column names have been changed or deleted in the underlying Google Sheet.

To fix:

Re-connect your Google Sheet and re-select your desired columns.