Linked Columns

Linked Columns allow you to enter data directly into the column and have it stay in sync with the original record.

Linked columns keep data created in Lido in sync with records from an external datasource, like a Google Sheet or database table.

Here's a quick example to illustrate how they work.

This table pulls in data from Google Sheets. A linked column is used to keep track of notes entered in Lido. When the table refreshes and pulls in the latest data from Google Sheets the order of the leads has switched in the Google Sheet. The linked column ensures that the entered notes remain connected to the original row.

Here's what would happen in this identical situation without a Linked column:

Notice how the notes have become scrambled. We started with a note that John Doe was a Good lead, but somebody reorganized the Google Sheet and now John Doe is being marked as a Bad lead.

Linked columns prevent this sort of mixup from happening.

How to create a linked column

Linked columns must be attached to a Table. Learn more about Tables.

Choosing an ID Column

The ID column is a table column that connects the Linked Column to the rest of the table. Therefore, it's important to choose an ID column without duplicate or blank values.

What if your data doesn't have a unique ID column?

Add a unique ID from your data source

The best option is to find a unique ID in your data. Often, records have a "timestamp" that can be used, a record ID, or another unique column. You may be able to add it into your data from wherever your data is coming from.

You can edit your table to add a new, unique ID column by pressing 'Edit Data' on the top left of your file. The new column from your data source will be automatically toggled (confirm this manually) and then press 'Update' on the lower right!

Create a computed column in Lido with unique values

If you don't have a unique ID column in your data, you can create a new computed column in Lido that combines different columns together in a way that would be unique.

  1. Create a new computed column
  2. In the computed column, write a formula that concatenates two or more row values together (e.g. =A2&B2&C2)
  3. Name this new column "ID Column"
  4. Click on the 3 dots in the header cell of your linked column and select "Edit ID Column", then select your newly created ID column