Linked Columns

Linked Columns allow you to enter data directly into the column and have it stay in sync with the original record.

A Linked Column is a special type of column in your table that is directly editable inline and designed to keep your data in sync, even when the order of your rows changes. This means that if you enter data into a linked column, that data will stay connected to the original record it was entered for, no matter where that record moves within your table.

Here's an example of how it works:

How to create a Linked Column

There are two ways to create linked columns in Lido.

Pre-requisites: you need an existing Spreadsheet Table.

Directly in the spreadsheet

Just start typing in a cell next to a table, and Lido will automatically create a linked column for you.

From the toolbar

When your cursor is focused in a table, click on the linked column option in the toolbar.


Not all keys are created equal

Linked Columns depend on values in the key column to keep track of which data is linked to which row in your table. It's important to choose a key column with values that are unique to each row, such as an ID or email address.

If you choose a column with non-unique values, such as first names, the Linked Column won't be able to differentiate between them. For example, if you have ten people named Bob in your list, the Linked Column won't know which record belongs to which Bob.

What if your data doesn't have a unique ID column?

The best option is to find a unique ID in your data. Often, records have a "timestamp" that can be used, a record ID, or another unique column. You may be able to add it into your data from wherever your data is coming from.

If you don't have a unique ID column in your data, you can create one in Lido by combining different columns together in a way that would be unique.

  1. Right click anywhere in your Google Sheet data.
  2. Choose 'Insert Computed Column Right'
  3. Write a formula concatenating two row values that together are guaranteed to be unique (e.g., = A2&B2) and press enter.
  4. A blue computed column will be created with a unique ID for each record.
  5. Click on the 3 dots of the header cell of this new column, click on 'Edit Column', and name the column 'ID Column'
  6. Go to your purple linked column and click on the 3 dots of the header cell and click on 'Edit Column'
  7. Go to the 'ID Column' field and select the column you just created (i.e., ID Column)

Creating a unique ID in your data in Lido

*Video of how to create a unique ID column in Lido*