Connecting to Outlook: Troubleshooting

Possible scenarios:

Scenario #1: If you do not have permissions to connect to 3rd-party apps (i.e., need admin approval) you will see something like the image below after trying to connect to Outlook from Lido:

  • Solution #1 (configure user settings to be able to connect to 3rd-party apps): To resolve this, an Administrator needs to configure user consent settings in Outlook:

    • Sign into your Office365 administrator account.

    • Click Settings > Org Settings.

    • In 'User consent to apps', ensure the checkbox is ticked.

    • Note: your permissions settings should like the image above.

    • Click Save Changes.

  • Solution #1.5 (a check to solution #1):

    • Open the Microsoft Entra admin center (formerly known as Azure Active Directory admin center). The Active Directory admin center is now called Microsoft Entra. Open to log in as a Global Administrator.
    • Go to Enterprise Applications
    • Click User Settings
    • The most important settings that can give access to the third-party app are:
      • 'Users can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf'
      • 'Users can consent to app accessing company data for groups they own'

Scenario #2: If you get a notification saying “approval is required” (e.g., the image below) when trying to connect to Outlook from Lido, enter your justification for requesting this app and press “request approval.”