Adding Images to Email

For use in our send email functions

How to add an image

Our email functions' body argument supports full HTML (and inline CSS), so you can add everything/anything you'd usually find in an email. There's a wide variety of free Gmail email editors online that can generate your HTML for you, but the simplest way to add an image add an <img> tag to the body of your email. It looks like <img src="Public url to your image"/>. If you don't already have a URL, we provide complementary image hosting here.

Changing the size of an image

The simplest way to change the width and height of an image is with the width and height attributes for the <img> tag. Both properties are specified strictly in pixels (don't include units). It looks like this:

<img src="Public url to your image" height=100 width=200/>

This can also be done with the style property, in CSS

<img src="Public url to your image" style="width: auto; height: 100%"/>