Connect to MySQL

Learn how to connect your MySQL data to Lido

Lido makes it easy to connect to MySQL.

How to Connect a Lido Spreadsheet to MySQL:

  • Go to
  • Create new file
  • Press 'Connect Data' in the top left corner of the new file
  • Search for 'MySQL'
  • Click MySQL
  • Enter your credentials including your:
    • Hostname
    • Port
    • Username
    • Password
    • Database
  • Choose your database table
    • You can switch between different tables in the same database using the dropdown in the upper left corner
  • Select the columns you want to import
    • Click on columns in the left side of the panel to select / deselect columns to import


If your database uses an inbound firewall, you'll need to whitelist Lido's IP address to allow us to connect to your database.

This just tells your database to expect queries from Lido’s servers. It does not give us access to any of your data directly.


Having issues?

Reach out to our team on Slack or via email and we will help you get set up.